How to get Outlook for Mac 2011 to sync with Doodle? – THIS DOESN’T WORK ANYMORE.

Doodle Calendar System

Doodle syncs your Outlook Calendar

UPDATED – I don’t use Doodle anymore. They changed to a premium model for sync.  I’ll find a different solution.  Goodbye, Doodle.



Most people use Doodle to get a group to schedule a meeting together.  But did you also know you can share your private Outlook calendar with people.  They can also request times to meet as well.

So I love using doodle as a way to share my calendar and add meetings for people outside of Dairy Management, Inc.

Here’s how I did it.

Start by syncing your Outlook 2011 with Calendar (iCal).

Go to Outlook -> Preferences -> Sync Services -> Checkbox “On My Computer”

This got my Outlook 2011 to sync with Calendar.

Then I added DMI’s Exchange services to my Calendar (iCal) – I’m on Mountain Lion.

It took a while for exchange and calendar to sync up.

Once they did, I went to Doodle and downloaded the Doodle Mac Connector and fired it up.

A little “d” shows up at the top of your Mac, right click and open Preferences.

Sign up for Doodle’s services or log in, then select the calendars from your calendar that you want to display for the public.

Make sure you click “upload free/busy information only”.

It’s great to have my calendar out in public view again.  I hated not being able to just share a link.

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